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During the compilation of the printed catalogue (De Prins 1998), I have received the help of many entomologists. First of all I would like to thank the contributors to the project by furnishing their faunistic data: J. Alexandre, G. Ariën, M. Bauduin, E. Cavelier, P. Cluck, D. De Backer, A. De Boer, M. Decarpentrie, G. De Prins, R. De Prins, L. De Ridder, J. Dils, E. Dufraing, L. Dufraing, T. Garrevoet, M. Gillard, K. Janssens, A. Keymeulen, H. Kinders, B. Kindts, K. Larsen, A. Leman, B. Maes, D. Maes, L. Merveillie, R. Nyst, A. Olivier, M. Opdenacker, J.-L. Renneson, A. Riemis, L. Rose, D. Sierens, T. Sierens, R. Spronck, S. Spruytte, E. Stassart, K. Taymans, M. Taymans, P. Taymans, W. Troukens, F. Turelinckx, Y. Valenne, E. Van Cappellen, O. Van de Kerckhove, W. Vandenbrande, D. van der Poorten, B. Vanholder, E. van Nieukerken, M. Van Opstaele, F. Verhoeven, M. Verkindere, C. Warnotte, S. Wullaert.

Furthermore, I would like to thank the specialists who corrected and commented upon earlier versions of the tables: G. R. De Prins (Macroheterocera), L. De Ridder (Pterophoridae), Dr. R. Gaedike (Acrolepiidae, Douglasiidae, Epermeniidae, Plutellidae, Tineidae), T. C. Garrevoet (Macroheterocera, Sesiidae), Dr. C. Gielis (Pterophoridae), H. Henderickx (Psychidae), K. Larsen (Tortricidae), A. Olivier (Hesperioidea, Papilionoidea), A. Riemis (Hesperioidea, Macroheterocera, Papilionoidea), D. van der Poorten (Hesperioidea, Papilionoidea), Drs. H. W. van der Wolf (Coleophoridae), B. Vanholder (Hesperioidea, Macroheterocera, Papilionoidea), Dr. E. van Nieukerken (Nepticulidae, Opostegidae), C. Warnotte (Macroheterocera).

For the updates of the faunistic data contained in this online version of the catalogue, we are indebted to a lot of people who are continuously sending their records or who have helped in other ways. Their names are mentioned in the printed article series "Interessante waarnemingen van Lepidoptera", yearly published in the entomological journal Phegea.

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