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of the Lepidoptera of Belgium

Stigmella hemargyrella (Kollar, 1832)

A common species in Belgium.

The larva makes a leafmine usually starting close to the edge of the leaf of Fagus sylvatica. The initial gallery leading away from the leaf edge and progresses towards the midrib. It pupates in a cocoon spun on detritus.

The adults fly in two generations: April-May and from late June towards early August. 

ID mine: a small mine, usually starts from the leaf edge and works up towards the midrib, regularly crossing veins. Initially, the gallery is very small with linear frass which soon become broader with frass in arches. Towards the end the frass is usually dispersed again and often linear where the larva leave the gallery to pupate.

Belgium, Namur, Han-sur-Lesse, 25 November 2006.
mine on Fagus sylvatica
(Photo © Chris Steeman)
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