Butterflies of Albania
Fluturat e Shqipërisë

Sylvain Cuvelier =
Anila Paparisto =
Laurian Parmentier
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First of all, we are indebted to Richard Lewington ( who gave his permission to use and adapt his illustrations from the Field Guide of the Butterflies of Britain and Europe, for all the species that are more difficult to identify.

Grateful thanks to all persons who contributed to the improvement of our knowledge on the Albanian butterflies.
This included dealing with experiences, suggesting specific localities to research and not at least, growing friendships.
The following people are thanked:

Martin Bjerg (Denmark, communication)
Stoyan Beshkov (Bulgaria, data)
Cecilia Corbella (Spain, processing of samples for barcoding)
Jurgen Couckuyt (Belgium, field work)
John Coutsis (Greece, material)
Kaj Dahl (Denmark, communication)
Roland Demol (Belgium, data)
Willy De Prins (Belgium, literature communication, IT)
Vlad Dincă (Romania, field work, barcoding)
Milan Đurić (Serbia, literature data)
Theo Garrevoet (Belgium, literature data, IT)
Martin Gascoigne-Pees (UK, material, communication)
Zdravko Kolev (Bulgaria, communication)
Thomas Maertens (Belgium, data)
Dime Melovski (North Macedonia, data)
Kastriot Misja (Albania, discussions, data) †
Morten Mølgaard (Denmark, fieldwork)
Ana Nahirnić-Beskhova (Bulgaria, data)
Marko Prendi (Albania, data)
Xhuljana Qirinxhi (Albania, data)
Lulëzim Shuka (Albania, flora)
Konrad Sachanowicz (Poland, data)
Michel Taymans (Belgium, data)
Alon Toledo (Israël, data)
Ofir Tomer (Israël, data)
Rexhep Uka (Albania, data)
Daan Van Eenaeme (Belgium, material)
Chris van Swaay (Netherlands, communiciation)
Pieter Vantieghem (Belgium, data)
Rudi Verovnik (Slovenia, data)
Roger Vila (Spain, communication, barcoding)
Per-Olof Wickman (Sweden, material)
Heiner Ziegler (Switzerland, identification of Pieris napi/balcana)

The following friends and colleagues are thanked for providing their photographs and figures that were made with passion and a lot of patience:

Jurgen Couckuyt (Belgium)
John Coutsis (Greece)
Vlad Dincă (Romania)
Tom Nygaard Kristensen (Denmark)
Mohamad Marafi (Kuwait)
Lazaros Pamperis (Greece)
Josif Paparisto (Albania)
Morten Schneider Molgaard (Denmark)
Stef Spruytte (Belgium)
Fuat Tartari (Albania)
Ofir Tomer (Israel)
Artan Trebicka (Albania)
Jacques Vervaeke (Belgium)


Contact: Sylvain Cuvelier