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Based on: Dagvlinders in de Benelux 2013
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Edited by Sylvain Cuvelier & Peter Russell

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Appendix 6. Codes of selected vegetation units

Selection of syntaxonomic units after Schaminée et al. 2010

scientific name
short characterization of the vegetation type
mires with vegetation of tall herbs: reed and sedges
8Bc Caricion gracilis mires on clay soil with vegetation of slender tall sedges
8Bd Caricion elatae mires on peaty soils of tall sedges: tufted sedge
9 Parvocaricetea mires with vegetation of short sedges
9Aa Caricion nigrae mires on wet mineral soil: common sedge
9Aa2 Pallavicinio-Sphagnetum mires on peaty soil, stage in succession: reed, peat moss
10 Scheuchzerietea mires, vegetation of green and  bronze green peat mosses
10Aa Rhynchosporion albae mires, on the fringe of bog: peat moss, white beak-sedge
10Ab Caricion lasiocarpae mires, floating vegetation of slender sedge
11 Oxycocco-Sphagnetea mires, raised bogs and wet heath
11Aa Ericion tetralicis heath on damp soil: crossed leaved heather
11Ba Oxycocco-Ericion mires, in bogs bulges of moss and  cranberry
12 Plantaginetea majoris grass and herb vegetation frequently treed by cattle or man
13 Sedo-Scleranthertea scree, vegetation of pioneer plants on stony soil
14 Koelerio-Corynephoretea grassland on poor sand soils: pyramidal and grey hair-grass
14Aa Corynephorion canescentis grassland on poor sand soils: grey hair-grass
14Aa1 Spergulo-Corynephoretum drift sand vegetation of grey hair-grass and moss cushions
14Aa2 Violo-Corynephoretum grassland on poor soils in the dunes: violets, grey hair-grass
14Bb Plantagini-Festucion grassland on poor soils: plantain, common bent
14Bc Sedo-Cerastion grassland on dry soil in river valleys rich in herbs
14Cb Polygalo-Koelerion grassland on poor but mineral rich soil in the dunes
15 Festuco-Brometea grassland on chalk soil
15Aa Mesobromion erecti grassland on chalk: upright brome
15Aa1 Gentiano-Koelerietum grassland on chalk: gentian, crested hair-grass
15-- Xerobromion grassland on very dry chalk soil
16 Molinio-Arrhenatheretea grassland on rather rich soil, mown or pastured
16Aa Junco-Molinion grassland on damp peaty soil: purple moor grass and rush
16Ab Calthion palustris grassland on rich damp soil: marsh marigold
16Ba2 Sanguisorbo-Silaetum grassland on rich damp soil: great burnet, pepper saxifrage
16Bb Alopecurion pratensis grassland on rich and dry soils, mown yearly: false out-grass
16Bc Cynosurion cristati grassland on dry soil, grazed by sheep: crested dog-tail
16Bc1 Lolio-Cynusuretum grassland on dry soil, grazed by cattle: crested dog-tail
16Bc2 Galio-Trifolietum grassland on chalk soil, pastured: hoary plantain
17 Trifolio-Geranietea sanguinei verge on dry, sunny places:  zigzag clover, bled-red geranium
18 Melampyro-Holcetea mollis verge along wood on dry soil: cow-wheat, creeping soft-grass
19 Nardetea grassland on poor, acid soil: mat grass
19Aa Nardo-Galion saxatilis grassland, heath character: heath dog violet, Arnica montana
19Aa1 Galio-Festucetum ovinae grassland, heath character: heath bedstraw, sheep’s fescue
19Aa2 Gentiano pneumanthes-Nardetum grassland, heath character: gentian, mat grass
19Aa4 Betonico-Brachypodietum grassland, on acid soil of leached chalk: betony, tor grass
20 Calluno-Ulicetea heathland on poor and dry soils
20Aa Calluno-Genistion pilosae heath: ling and greenweed
20Aa2 Vaccinio-Callunetum heath: ling and bilberry
20Ab2 Polypodio-Empetretum heath on the north facing slopes in the dunes:  crowberry
21 Asplenietea trichomanis walls and rocks: fern maidenhair spleenwort
22 Cakiletea maritae beech, swash mark: sea rocket
23 Ammophiletea coastal dunes of moving sand: marram
26 Asteretea tripolii dune slacks and brackish mud : sea aster
26Ac Armerion maritimae grassland, salt-meadow: thrift
30 Stellarietea mediae garden and field, fresh treated soil: annual weeds, chickweed
31 Artemisietae vulgaris ruderal sites, waste places, tall herb vegetation’s: mug worth
31Ab Arction rough herbage on humus rich soil: burdock , mallow
31Ba Onopordion acanthii rough herbage on dry and rich soils: Scottish thistle, bugloss
31Ca Dauco-Melilotion rough herbage on sandy nitrate rich soils: tansy, carrot
32 Convolvulo-Filipenduletea rough herbage on rich damp soils: bindweed, dropwort
32Aa Filipendulion rough herbage on periodically flooded soils: dropwort
32Ba Epilobion hirsuti rough herbage on bank of eutrophic water: great willow herb
33 Galio-Urticetea verge on nitrate rich soils: goose grass, stinging nettle
34 Epilobietea angustifolii rough herbage on tree felling sites: rose bay
35 Lonicero-Rubetea plicati verge along wood or brushwood: bramble, honeysuckle
36 Franguletea scrub on damp, peaty soil: berry-bearing alder, willow
37 Rhamno-Prunetea scrub on dry soil: buckthorn, hawthorn
37Ac Berberidion vulgaris scrub in dunes: privet, sea buckthorn
37Ab Carpino-Prunion scrub on dry sandy soils: blackthorn and hawthorn
38 Salicetea purpureae fringing forest on riverbanks: willow, popular
39 Alnetea glutinosae carr on damp and rich soil: alder
40 Vaccinio-Betuletea pubescentis carr on damp and poor soil: brown birch
41 Vaccinio-Piceetea coniferous wood on poor and acid soil: bilberry, spruce
41Aa1 Dicrano-Juniperum scrub of juniper and mosses
42 Querco robori-petraeae deciduous wood on poor soil: oaks, beech
43 Querco-Fagetea deciduous wood on rich soil: oak, beech, hornbeam
43Aa1 Violo odorarae-Ulmetum deciduous wood in dunes and on old riverbanks: violets, elm

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