Logo Phegea Butterflies in the Benelux
Frits Bink & Rosita Moenen 2015

Based on: Dagvlinders in de Benelux 2013
Revised and extended
Edited by Sylvain Cuvelier & Peter Russell

Vlaamse Vereniging voor Entomologie
VVE Werkgroep Dagvlinders

Flemish Entomological Society
VVE Workgroup Butterflies

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13. Arable land
Arable land is usually ploughed and fertilized every year, but when this happens on a low frequency it may be suitable for some butterfly species.

Potato field, Gorinchem. Only small white (Pieris rapae)
will be seen here sometime. Photograph: Frits Bink ©.

Red clover field, Friedboesch, Luxemburg, 23 September 2011.
Clouded pale yellow (Colias hyale) thrives here. Photograph: Rosita Moenen ©.

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