Logo Phegea Butterflies in the Benelux
Frits Bink & Rosita Moenen 2015

Based on: Dagvlinders in de Benelux 2013
Revised and extended
Edited by Sylvain Cuvelier & Peter Russell

Vlaamse Vereniging voor Entomologie
VVE Werkgroep Dagvlinders

Flemish Entomological Society
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7. Marshes
Wet places that receive eutrophic water from the surrounding area.

Reed stand, flooded during high water of the river Rijn, Gendt. 20 May 2008.
Photograph: Frits Bink ©.

Reed stand in heathland pool enriched by seepage, Kampina, 14 June 1989.
Photograph: Frits Bink ©.

Tall herb vegetation on the banks of the river Roer, Küchelscheid, 5 July 1980.
Photograph: Frits Bink ©.

Sedge stand, growing under eutrophic condition and fluctuating water table,
Weerribben, 17 August 1988.
Photograph: Frits Bink ©.

Young reed stand in a former peat cutting, Rottige Meenthe, 31 May 1981.
Photograph: Frits Bink ©.

Old reed stand, originally developed in eutrophic water and now growing
in more oligotrophic condition, Weerribben,13 September 2012.
Photograph: Frits Bink ©.

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